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Always available by phone or email to answer my questions.

You can easily be overwhelmed when dealing with a loved one’s declining health. NL helped lift the burden. I highly recommend their service.

I appreciate all you have done for dad and me throughout these last few months.

We want to thank BG, the elder care coordinator, for all the information and assistance he has provided us. His assistance has made such a difference for our family. Normally, we would rely on our kids to help with so much of this, but he has taken a lot of the burden away from them and us. His resourcefulness and knowledge have helped us to make better decisions and make the process easier. We have been overwhelmed by all of the things we need to do and decisions we have to make and his help has made us feel like we have someone we can count on. We would be lost without him. Please let all of the staff there know how much we appreciate them.

I wanted to take a brief moment to thank you and the Elder Care Coordinator on your team for the assistance you have provided to my mother and myself. Your Elder Care Coordinator was able to assist my mother with getting her state ID that enabled her to fly home over the holidays. This may be the last time my mother will be able to come to our home. Mr Grubb’s persistence and help made it all possible and we truly appreciate the gift of having mom home for Christmas. Without his assistance this would have never been possible and we will forever cherish the time we got to spend with mom this year.

I can’t tell you what a weight was lifted off my shoulders yesterday when you described the service of having a social worker assist in helping or guiding Mom when it’s time to make a move from her home. I don’t want to think about that day, but now I have less dread about having to make decisions on my own.

Nugen Law saved us in a crisis. Mom fell and broke her hip and we thought my parents would lose everything they built in their life just to pay for her rehab and nursing home care. Mom wanted to stay home. Nugen Law protected my parents home, their life savings, and got Mom on Medicaid and she was able to stay home and receive care. We are so thankful for the Nugen Law team.

My dad just can’t do the things he use to and now that mom is gone and I live and work out of state, I didn’t know where to turn for help. Nugen Law’s Elder Care Coordinator changed our lives. Their compassion for our situation and knowledge of the best care, along with their help with facilitating transportation to doctor appointments, and their inside information to resources, has been a life saver. Their educational seminars and the ongoing membership for their various services and help with the Medicare renewal is an invaluable source of information. We tell everyone about Nugen Law.

Nugen Law helped us plan so our family could avoid probate. We never knew about the benefits of preplanning or the costs of probate. It was important for us to preserve our farmland and our home that we worked so hard for so our next generation could have it. We thought this kind of legal work was only for wealthy people. We are so thankful for Nugen Law.

Nugen Law was so accommodating to our family. They came to my parent’s home to meet and discuss our legal issues since my parents were unable to travel. Nugen Law provided us with the tools to deal with the doctors and to navigate the important decisions in my parent’s final stages of life. Nugen Law gave us peace of mind.

Our experience with Nugen Law from the time we first called until our last appointment was a great experience. The staff was prompt, helpful, and knowledgeable and the Attorneys provided us with creative solutions and guided us through the process with a customized plan tailored for our family which addressed all of our needs.

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done through this experience. We are grateful for your kindness and compassion. We don’t have the perfect family and you never once judged our situation….You are so professional and friendly at the same time, I looked forward to coming in! I’m glad I found you on my journey!

I wanted to express my appreciation & gratitude for your assistance with my mother’s estate planning. What we considered an impossible situation developed into a very favorable outcome, all due to your wonderful craft & skill. Please know you and your staff are exceptional in your passion to provide the kindness of care to all those you service.

Thank you for your kindness and being so helpful.

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