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A Guide to Estate Planning

A Guide to Estate Planning

November 7, 2022

While estate planning may seem to be for the wealthy, a person’s estate is simply the property that they own, and most people own a little bit of property. Property ownership includes individual as well as jointly owned bank accounts,…

Plan for the Unexpected

Many of us have been left unprepared and confused since the advent of COVID-19. There are numerous reports of shortages of antibacterial hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and even toilet paper. While we can’t predict when something like COVID-19 might strike,…

Maintaining Your Estate Plan

February 22, 2021

You should be checking your estate planning documents every so often to make sure they’re still good. This is especially true with big life changes like births, marriages, divorces, and moving to another state. Children grow up, marriages dissolve, property…

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